Gila Valley Clinic has a complete staff to make sure that all your medical needs are met. We have one medical assistant for every provider we have on staff as well as our back office supervisor who has over 25 years’ experience in not only the medical field but at Gila Valley Clinic as well. Labcorp Labs, one of the largest laboratory facilities in the country has set up ,in cooperation with Gila Valley Clinic, an onsite lab and lab technician to draw our patients labs instead of having them have to go to the hospital to have the samples taken.

Gila Valley Clinic's front office staff consists of: Two Patient Registration Specialists, Two Appointment Scheduler Specialists, One Referral Specialist, Two Billing Specialists/Certified Professional Coders, Two Medical Records Specialists, and a Business Manager.

The back 'medical' office consists of: One Back Office Supervisor, twelve Medical Assistants, and of course Five Medical Doctors, Two Certified Nurse Practitioners, and Two Physician Assistants.

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Front Office
Information Technology
Medical Assistants
Susan Jones, MD
Catherine Romero, MD
Gail Guerrero-Tucker, MD
Richard Keith, MD
Lindy Valichnac, MD
Kacey Ekman, CPNP-PC
Michael Evans, PA-C
Dustin Burbank, PA-C
Tanya Tillman, FNP-C-C

Front Office Staff

Back Office Staff